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"Christmas time is here 

Happiness and cheer 

Fun for all, that children call 

Their favorite time of year..."

If we'd let Delilah junior choose the Christmas tree this year, it might have been a Charlie Brown Christmas alright! After a good giggle, we located a perfect specimen and with hacksaw and Papa Paul's guidance, she and Blessing brought the big guy down!

We started the decorating process but got a little sidetracked with gingerbread building, playdates, and all sorts of wonderful distractions... Plenty of time to finish it up!

I'm headed to the Big Apple this weekend, taking a small band of rebel rousers. We so look forward to this holiday trip! A little business, a lot of fun, shopping, eating, skating, eating, Broadway, eating... you get the picture!

Friday Night Girls will take place in Manhattan and consist of me, my person - Janey, my Shaylah, our little rose bud, Rosalie, my sis, a niece, and several besties. Having 'girl time' is so important! Not any more important than date night, family time, kid time, friendship and fellowship of all types... but it IS important to carve out time to bond with your girlies.

With luck, we'll have a light dusting of snow - just enough for pretty pictures, you know? Nothing so drastic as to be inconvenient for anyone! We don't ask for much, do we???



December Book Club | TWO Great Books!

This month I have not just one, but TWO great book recommendations for my Book Club readers.

The first is about a woman in transition, she’s been a wife and mother, executing both roles with beauty and grace but now that the children are grown she feels empty and disconnected. Remembrance is a book that will help ALL of us remember the reason for the season!

The second is an anthology of Christmas romances, spanning ages, cultures and geography. It’s the kind of book that makes you feel like love will prevail no matter the circumstances. A Season to Celebrate is just the kind of book we need for all the warm and fuzzy holiday feels!

Each will make great gifts for yourself or for wrapping up for someone else. I hope you enjoy them both!


by Mary Monroe

Buy Remembrance

Beatrice Powell, happily married mother of three adult children, is the consummate party maven, but after years of hosting large gatherings for family and friends, she finds herself simply going through the motions and feeling disconnected from those she loves.



Oddly, she finds a bit of peace volunteering at a local soup kitchen, especially when in the company of a homeless man she’s befriended there. His sensitivity and his story may be the inspiration she needs to find her way back to gratitude this Christmas season.

What does Christmas really mean? If you find yourself asking this question from time to time, Remembrance will help you with the answer.

I’ll use all those book review adjectives like “Uplifting,” “Heartwarming,” and “Inspiring,” on Remembrance. It’s a fine read, from New York Times bestselling author, Monroe; absolutely perfect for the holiday season!

Visit Mary Monroe’s Author Website

A Season to Celebrate 

by Fern Michaels, Kate Pearce, Donna Kauffman and Priscilla Oliveras

BUY A Season to Celebrate

A perfect book for this busy time of year celebrating love from different stages of life and from sea to shining sea. In between errands, gatherings and gift wrapping, you can still indulge the reader within by taking a little time to yourself to enjoy the four great stories in this volume of holiday romances - one at a time.



A Texas Christmas tree farm is the setting of Ferm Michaels, Christmas Homecoming, wherein a returning US Air Force serviceman unsure of his future meets the new town surgeon…

  • A lonely widower on the rural west coast helping out a long-time friend with her son’s wedding finds something more than the daughter-in-laws bouquet blossoming in Kate Pearce’s An Unexpected Gift.
  • An attorney nursing a broken heart is swept off her feet by an Australian chef in a small town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Christmas In Blue Hollow, by Donna Kauffman. And,
  • In Holiday Homerun, by Pricilla Oliveras, the big-city of Chicago calls to an event planner, but her family in Puerto Rico have other expectations. Enter a professional baseball player who scores the winning points…

Indulge yourself with A Season to Celebrate - the perfect stocking stuffer!



My 12 stockings are back and I'm filling them to the brim, once again, with some of my favorite products, music, and caaaaaandy!

You know the drill by now. Each year I put together 12 big piles of prizes, and Give. Them. Away!

Entering to win one is easy. Listen to my radio program in the evening and when you hear me highlight one of the items and share the keyword, jump on your computer or mobile device and head to where you can enter the keyword on the Entry Page. Another way to do it is to text the keyword to 48484. You may enter each time a new product is highlighted - I have 13 of them this year!

Here's a rundown:



Balsam Hill has been the leading retailer of highly realistic artificial Christmas trees and holiday décor for over a decade, and do I LOVE their products! They have beautiful décor for your year-round needs; fantastic fall displays, signature Christmas trees, elegant ornament sets, flickering flameless candles, and a gorgeous spring floral line. My studio always looks amazing with Balsam Hill décor! 

For beautiful holiday décor, you owe it to yourself to visit!

You know what store has been around for over 100 years and has set the standard in quality bedding, bath, and décor for your home? The Company Store, that’s who! They carry the cutest FAMILY pajamas, (I've ordered my families) and beautiful holiday décor; they even have great products for your pets. I love everything they have from their down comforters and pillows still made in the USA, to their towels and sheets. Have family or friends coming this holiday? Get ready by freshening up the linens in the bedrooms and bathrooms with beautiful accessories from The Company Store.

They’re great for last minute shopping because they have guaranteed delivery by Christmas if you order by 10am (ET) December 21st (see website for details). They’ve been all about comfort since 1911!

You’ve told me how much you love the music of for King & Country, and how breathtaking they are to experience in concert. Lucky you, because I’m adding autographed copies of their new CD, Burn the Ships and their holiday release, Christmas | Live from Phoenix to my 12 Stockings.

Their music is both uplifting and spiritual, and all about the reason for the season. They’re on tour this holiday season and if they come to your town they are not to be missed. You can check out their music and tour schedule at for KING & COUNTRY’s web site. Both albums are available everywhere.



I’m welcoming eight-time Grammy nominated Train back with, Trains Greatest Hits. The new album comes fresh off a sold-out summer tour with Hall and Oates and celebrates 20 years of TRAIN music. It pulls together 16 fan-favorites including Drops of JupiterCalling All Angels, and 

Hey Soul Sister as well as a special cover of George Michael’s Careless Whisper, featuring the amazing saxophonist, Kenny G!

I’m also including their wonderful holiday album, Christmas in Tahoe, filled with holiday classics we’ve come to love. Keep them in mind when you’re shopping for the music fan on your list, and be sure and pick up copies of each CD for yourself.Put a little TRAIN underneath your Christmas tree this holiday season! They are incredible supporters of Point Hope, and I love them!

Everyday is Christmas, from Sia, is also making it’s way into my 12 Stockings. It’s composed of 10 fun original songs - You’ll hear last year’s favorite Santa’s Coming For Us, as well as her latest single, Candy Cane Lane.

The artist has written and composed some modern-day holiday songs that will certainly become classics, like, Underneath the MistletoeSunshine, the title track, Everyday is Christmas, and the so-adorable-it-can’t-be-real, Puppies Are Forever.

Everyday is Christmas has a song for everyone this holiday season; perfect for your holiday playlist and your favorite person's Christmas stocking.

The FUJIFILM Instax Camera, is back! Did you know I use one when I go to Africa for Point Hope? The children love walking away with their pictures in hand. The Instax is a great stocking stuffer, perfect for capturing every moment of every special occasion; birthday celebrations, weddings, parties and Christmas morning. Just snap and watch the pictures develop instantly. 

There are Instax pictures all over my house of the kids, the dogs, and our farm animals too.

Put some fun in your holiday stocking this Christmas by sharing an original Fujifilm Instax SQ6 Square Camera!



If you’ve tuned in to the show lately, you know I’ve written a new book, One Heart At A Time, released on October 16. It was a labor of love, and became even more so after the loss of my beloved son, Zachariah, the previous year. Writing stopped for a while, but telling his story became such a pressing need that I pressed on, finished the book, and created a new chapter just about him.

But the book is more than that. This is my story and my plea. The world is facing some trying times, we are more disconnected and lonelier than ever before. I hope that the book will bless you and inspire you to reach out and help me change the world - One Heart At A Time.

I’ve just discovered the Gravity Blanket! Are you hosting relatives, cooking over-the-top meals, spending hours shopping for gifts, and feeling that holiday stress? You need a Gravity Blanket! It’s a weighted blanket that’s designed to help improve sleep and decrease stress and anxiety.

I gave one to my daughter, Shaylah - baby Rosalie’s mama - and she loves it. A Gravity Blanket is the best gift you can give someone who deserves some rest and relaxation this holiday season - and all year through. Buy yours today and use the promo code ‘DELILAH’ for 15% savings.

Original PeachSkinSheets® are so comfortable and soothing! That’s why I’m adding them to my 12 Stockings this year. They start at $55 for a complete sheet set - even King size! They won't change body chemistry of course, but they will help keep hot sleepers cooler,drier, and more comfortable during the night.

PeachSkinSheets® are made from a breathable, athletic grade, performance SMART fabric that wicks away moisture and dries super fast. These ultra-soft, pill-resistant bed sheets have a luxurious 1500 Thread Count level of softness due to their brushed PeachSkin finish on both sides. 

Order free swatches of 19 colors online so that you can Feel to Believe, and purchase with confidence under their 30 day, risk free money back guarantee!



I fell in love with the SpinStyle so it just makes sense to add it to my 12 Stockings of Christmas. The perfect gift, SalonTech’s patented Technology Curl Dial works like an extra set of hands to pick up, separate, and guide hair around the barrel, to create easy, fast, and tangle free curls with one hand (make sure the hair is brushed through!) From tight bouncy curls to loose, voluptuous beachy waves, at the touch of a button, the SpinStyle takes half the time of a regular curling iron.

I do my hair in the morning and I am set for the entire day! I have one for home and one for travel. It makes for the perfect stocking stuffer, and my listeners can get an exclusive,special offer through SpinStyle.

New music is the perfect gift for everyone! I’m adding Calum Scott’s amazing debut album, Only Human, to the goodies in my stockings. You’ve heard You Are the Reason played on my show and have seen the heartfelt video on my Facebook page. The entire album is filled with music meant to connect people. Calum is quoted, “I wrote this album with the intention of connecting with people all around the world, using my own personal experiences.” Every song on Only Human evokes wonderful emotion and his videos too are beautiful and emotive.

You won’t go wrong by adding Calum’s Only Human to the list of What To Buy for your favorite people this holiday season.

I am so excited about one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Steve Perry’s Traces! It’s his first new music in nearly a quarter of a century, and it’s available everywhere NOW.

Traces is the legendary singer-songwriter’s most honest and vulnerable release to date, chronicling love, loss, and, ultimately, hope. Perry leads with the track No Erasin' and reassuringly greets fans with the opening line “I know it’s been a long time comin’.” The track is an emotional homecoming; everyone is celebrating his new music. Forbes Magazine exclaims “for all of music it is damn good to have Steve Perry back.” I couldn’t agree more.

Traces has received critical acclaim from many, including USA Today, who highlighted it as one of “10 Albums You Need Too Hear This Fall.”

Last but certainly not least, I complete my 12 Stockings of Christmas by adding my favorite candy, Almond ROCA. This delicious treat brings back the fondest childhood memories of Christmas’ past, and I love giving, and getting into, those pink tins all year long!

Brown and Haley make every batch of ROCA with rich creamy butter, California almonds, and the best quality chocolate! Choose from Almond, Cashew, Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel, Peppermint, and Mocha ROCA. SO YUMMY!! Something for everyone.

This holiday season every stocking should be filled with Almond ROCA. Visit them online or find them at local retailers.

My 12 Stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes that you'll win one (and with family will share!)

Food | Be the Star of the Show with Star Fruit!

I don't have so much a recipe this time, but a tip; Star Fruit! You've seen it in on your grocery aisles, maybe even purchased it to satisfy your kids curiosity, but if you lead your holiday meals with this bright gold star, you'll be considered a true wiseman!

Carambola, or Star Fruit, is native to Indonesia but is now cultivated in many tropical areas. It's about 2-6" long and when ripe it's a deep yellow color. Most of the fruits have 5 ridges, giving it a classic star shape, but some can have more or less. The skin is thin and waxy and may be eaten, just like that of an apple or plum.

There's no special preparation to eating - just wash, then slice it up as thick or thin as you desire, and remove the seeds.



Use it on your salads - like the spinach, red onion, pomegranate, and star fruit example here. Or in your traditional fruit salad. On your cheese platters, to dress your ham alongside the pineapple, and in your jello-treats.

It's mild flavor, both sweet and a tart, make it a complementary companion to just about every thing on your holiday buffet!*

Be the star of the show with starfruit!

* Star fruit should not be consumed by people with kidney disease or on dialysis and can interact with prescription medications much like grapefruit. Do your research if you have any questions!

I say this every year, but it just seems utterly impossible that Christmas is upon us once again!

I've always loved Christmas; my dad seemed to come alive during the holidays and I have nothing but fond, loving memories of he and my mother exchanging secretive looks, gleeful winks, and satisfied nods in the weeks leading up to the Big Day! I don't think they slept more than a few hours per night those last few days; long were the hours in the shop or at the sewing machine.

The scene on Christmas morning was a sight to behold! Stockings so stuffed the nails couldn't hold them, and gifts flowing flowing flowing from the tree far out into the living room. 99% of them made by hand and with so much love!



When I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior, this sacredness of this holy day brought such gladness to my heart! I try to make each Christmas with my family just as memorable as those I spent with my parents, grandparents, and siblings, by sharing traditions - old, new, and holy.

While I celebrate this year, I will also ache for my Zacky and Sammy, and there will be moments that will feel crushingly unbearable, but I'll continue to speak their names and celebrate their spirits, which I know are with me - are with all of us - as we celebrate the Christ Child's birthday.

Merry Christmas my friends, may all your days be merry and bright! Love Someone,


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