The Golden Bachelor - Week 4

The Golden Bachelor - Week 4

Week 4 of The Golden Bachelor didn’t disappoint! The drama continued with Kathy and Theresa, Trista (the first Bachelorette ever) showed up, AND Gerry’s favorite sport was featured - PICKLEBALL!

The episode began with Trista going to the mansion to hand out the group date card. Some of the women knew who she was, some of them didn’t. Side note - I remember watching the first Bachelorette season with Trista, and even watching the finale of the show in a hotel room in NYC because I - just - couldn’t - miss - it! LOL!!

Leslie’s name was NOT on the group date card, which meant she got the one-on-one date with Gerry. She was super excited.

The group date activity was.. have you guessed yet? PICKLEBALL! Gerry told the women that Pickleball is something he really enjoys and hopes to share that passion with the woman he chooses in the end. They were divided into pairs/teams and picked names like: The Purple Picklettes and Pinkie Dinkie. Then, the games began. The women were all over the court diving, dodging and running like crazy to hit the ball and learn how to play the game. I will say this..  they certainly seem to be up for anything and definitely show that they are having fun and are good sports. Sandra even MISSED HER DAUGHTER’S WEDDING to be there! Whattttt?

In the end, Kathy and Ellen won the tournament and became the first ever “Golden Bachelor Pickleball Champions.” Plus, they got to take a picture with Gerry for Pickleball Magazine! Who knew!? Great job, ladies.

After the tournament, Kathy and Theresa went off to talk, again. Theresa apologized and wanted to make sure things were okay. She told Kathy that she didn’t realize talking about her date with Gerry would upset her so much and she didn’t mean for that to happen. Kathy told her when she talks about Gerry and their time together, it does bother her. Adding that she shouldn’t kiss and tell and that she should just - ZIP IT. Basically, this was the same conversation they had last week..

Meanwhile, Gerry took Sandra aside so she could Facetime her daughter - on her wedding day - the day she was missing back home. They had a sweet call with her family and Sandra felt connected to Gerry even more after he did that for her. Gerry also had time to talk with Theresa who told him about the “Zip It” comment Kathy had made and filled him in on their conversation. Gerry didn’t seem amused and ended up talking with Kathy about it, and her comment. She explained. Sort of.

Once again, Gerry didn’t seem amused and even told her he was uncomfortable with their rift. In the end, Sandra got the group date rose because she sacrificed so much (by missing her daughter’s wedding) to be there. I know there’s a lot of controversy about that floating around on The Golden Bachelor social sites, and what can I say? I wouldn’t have missed it for the world - but that’s just me.

Now, for the Leslie one-on-one date! Picture this - Gerry on an ATV, Leslie on an ATV, and Gerry and Leslie riding on an ATV together. This was their date. When they finally had a chance to sit and talk, Leslie revealed that she’s been married twice and hasn’t been able to pick the right person. I think she even said the words - I’m not a good picker! She told Gerry that she’s been single for 22 years and feels he’s the man she’s been searching for. The sweetest part of the date, in my opinion, was their toast to one another. He mentioned her beautiful blue eyes, and she said she was about to say the same thing. Aww! Gerry even mentioned the way she looks at him, and he needs to be looked at that way. Aww again!

These sweet moments were followed up by the first ever Golden Bachelor hot tub scene - with a lot of serious kissing!

Once they got back to the mansion, Gerry pulled Susan (a fan favorite) aside and gave her a rose quartz. He told her it was a sign of empathy and strength and that he saw both of those things in her. He also mentioned something pretty significant - she reminded him of his late wife!

They kissed. He had talk time with Ellen as well, who told him that she was FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM. And that she never thought she could feel this way again. She loves the giggling, laughing, kissing, etc..  It was another cute conversation. However, when it came to his talk with Nancy, things went downhill. She told him she felt he had stronger connections with some of the other women in the house, and his response was something like - I won’t dispute that. OUCH. Exit Nancy here.

Finally, it was time for the rose ceremony. Guess Kathy shouldn’t have said, “ZIP IT.” Both Kathy and April did not get roses. He walked Kathy out and wished her well.

So now we’re down to 6!

Theresa, Ellen, Susan, Leslie, Sandra, and Faith

The season is moving fast - and in the next rose ceremony Gerry will pick the final four women for the Hometown Dates! My prediction is Theresa, Ellen, Leslie and Faith are the final 4.

Who do you think is the best fit for Gerry?

Until next time..

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