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Honestly I thought I was doing fairly well in Ann Kelly’s Kitchen when it came to not wasting food. But after talking with Lindsay-Jean Hard I know I can do a lot better. It’s all about using what we used to throw out. Her new book “Cooking With Scraps” has me rethinking what to do with the banana peels, the ends of the asparagus I used to throw away and even a better way to make us of pineapple peels. I know, it’s intriguing! When you stop to think about exactly how much food  we waste on an annual basis it will make you pick up this book and try to not add to the 133 billion pounds of food waste.

Stop to think about this as well. When you don’t throw away as much you’re also saving more money and who doesn’t want to do that? You may no longer peel ginger, find new techniques to use on an everyday basis and make sure you’re using all those kitchen tools to maximum efficiency! 

It’s also not a lot of extra work, and I’ll let Lindsay-Jean explain that here. Let’s start the new year with the resolution to waste no more!


Cutting food waste is a delicious way money, helping feed the world and protect the planet - Tristram Stuart

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