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Brawl between parents, coaches at youth football game caught on camera

A wild brawl between youth football coaches and parents in Hapeville, Georgia, was caught on camera.

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It happened as a game was wrapping up and children were still on the field.

Parents said crying kids hid under bleachers, unsure if  gunfire would erupt after someone pulled out a weapon.

"I feel like kids should never have to witness that," a parent, who wanted to remain anonymous, told WSB-TV.

The fight happened Saturday morning at Hapeville Elementary School.

The parent said she and her son ran for safety when they saw someone pull out a gun.

"Parents (were) running screaming, crying, trying to get somewhere safe, not knowing if the person that had a weapon, if they were going to shoot or not," she said.

Witnesses said the video shows a coach, wearing red, punch another coach minutes after their teams played each other.

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A game for the Georgia Youth Football Alliance had just finished and the 5-year-old players were still on the field.

"The parents and the coaches were angry about the results of the game," the parent said.

Parents shared the video with WSB in hopes of highlighting a lack of security at the games. They said Hapeville police responded but most of the people involved had left.

"There's never any security so you don't know who's bringing weapons into the football games," she said.

Now, the parent said, she doesn't want to see the coaches involved in the fight working with any more children.

"I think you should set a better example if you're a coach," she said.

Right after the fight happened, parents said another group of kids who saw it all were forced to play their scheduled game.

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There is no word yet from Hapeville police about whether charges were filed against anyone.

Lawyer, judge faces a dozen charges of sexual exploitation of children

A lawyer in Walton County, Georgia, who also served as a part-time judge and assistant attorney general, faces a dozen charges of sexual exploitation of children.

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In one of his jobs as a lawyer, George Randolph Jeffery, helped send a lot of people to jail for child support, one official told WSB-TV.

Jeffrey is facing 12 counts of sexual exploitation of children.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said a joint GBI-FBI investigation is ongoing.

Attorney Robbie Ballard said his firm represents Jeffery and that he intends to plead not guilty and beyond that it is much too soon to comment.

Walton County probate judge Bruce Wright said he inherited Jeffrey as an associate probate judge from the previous administration and that Jeffrey handled an average of about one estate case for him a year for the past six years but the charges stunned him.

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Wright said he will assign Jeffery no cases while the charges are pending. He said he will refer Jeffery to the judicial qualifications commission for removal as a judge, if he's found guilty or pleads guilty.

A spokesperson for Attorney General Chris Carr indicated Jeffrey had been appointed, "to serve as a Special Assistant Attorney General representing the Georgia Department of Human Services, Division of Child Support Services - in Walton and Newton Counties. "Attorney General Carr opposes any and all forms of child exploitation and abuse," the statement said, "We hold our Special Assistant Attorneys General to very high standards. Given the circumstances, we terminated Mr. Jeffery’s appointment as a Special Assistant Attorney General immediately upon getting word of the arrest." 

Documents indicate most of the charges involve photos or video but one charge involves an allegation Jeffery used an email account to entice a child for indecent purposes.

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Because of his connections to the system in Walton County, Jeffery has been transferred to the Barrow County jail, where he has been held without bond.

Napping while in car seat a real danger for infants, experts say

Napping while in a car seat could be deadly for children, according to experts.

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Removing the car seat with a napping child still inside poses the most danger, not necessarily when a child is sleeping in the vehicle.

Over a four-year period, a study published by the Journal of Pediatrics found 31 children died while sleeping in car seats.

Dayton Children’s Hospital Trauma Program Manager Lisa Schwing said positional asphyxia is a real threat to infants.

A child could become “suffocated by the position that their neck or their head is in,” Schwing said.

Car seats installed correctly are at safe angles, and children must be buckled in the right way, Schwing says.

“You don’t want them to be able to lay their neck or their head on any part of those straps,” Schwing said. “The clip needs to be down here at the armpit level so it doesn’t have the opportunity to obstruct their airway.”

Germantown, Ohio resident and mother of twins Melanie Jayne says she does not let her children sleep in their car seats outside of the car.

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“It’s tempting when they are asleep and you don’t want to wake them, but it’s not safe so we don’t do it.”

Schwing advises parents to follow the “ABCs” of sleeping when it comes to infants, “Alone on your back in a crib,” or a pack and play if you don’t have a crib.

Man driving 118 mph — in 45-mph zone — says he was testing new car parts, cops say

A Georgia man was caught and cited for allegedly driving more than 100 mph — in a 45-mph zone, police said.

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WSB-TV reported that a Duluth officer was on patrol last month when he clocked a 2007 BMW driving 118 mph and swerving around traffic.

When he pulled the car over, the driver, identified as Kenny Hemraj of Lawrenceville, told the officer that he “just fixed a part on the car and we just wanted to make sure it was good,” police body camera footage showed.

“From officers who've worked here awhile, they've said that's probably one of the fastest they've seen,” Duluth police spokesman Officer Ted Sadowski told WSB.

Hemraj was arrested and cited for speeding and reckless driving. He was released on bond.

Mold mess: Woman missing part of brain asks for compassion from condo association

A 72-year-old Orlando woman is begging for compassion from her condominium association and code enforcement after a leak from the unit above hers made her home uninhabitable.

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That leak knocked out power to half her unit and created a dangerous mold problem. WFTV-TV saw the problems firsthand and found out the woman couldn’t smell the mold growing in her place because she’s missing part of her brain.

Around her ground-level Thousand Oaks condominium, Judy Young leaves herself reminders. Those notes include details such as when she’s scheduled to meet with her pro-bono lawyer. They pieces of paper are scattered alongside the mold that’s been growing out of sight in her walls for just over a year.

“That's when all those leaks started,” Young said.

The notes and visible damage help her remember the danger she’s living in every day. 

In 2013, part of her brain was removed, along with a tumor, taking with it her short-term memory and ability to smell. That means she did not know how bad the mold problem was until it was too late.

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“All this mold, I don’t smell it. And I’m not able to sleep,” Young said.

The water damage from her upstairs neighbor has caused Young’s ceiling to sag, and even knocked out power to half her unit.

“No air conditioning, no electricity in half of her unit. Just deplorable conditions,” attorney Andrew Lannon said. Lannon is helping Young pro-bono.

Now, Young is facing a code enforcement case and a demand letter from the Thousand Oaks Condominium Association. Despite acknowledging in the letter that the deplorable conditions are not Young’s fault, the association wants her to pay more than $6,000 to make repairs to her hazardous home.

“Unless they fix what's upstairs, whatever we do down here will get wet again, if they don't fix the upstairs,” Young said.

No one was upstairs when a WFTV reporter was inside the gated complex Monday, and the reporter was later told the person in charge was out of town when she tried to speak to someone from the association.

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“When I look at the mold, and I realize I didn't do it, and it came from upstairs, what would you do?” Young asked.

WFTV reached out to the attorney Yeline Goin, who sent the demand letter on behalf of Thousand Oaks. She responded Monday afternoon. 

"As you may be aware, every owner moved into the Condominium agreeing to maintain their Unit in accordance with the Condominium Documents. Under Florida law, the Board is required to enforce the Condominium Documents, and has been pursuing enforcement against both Owners. That being said, the Association is reviewing Ms. Young’s circumstances," Goin said in an email. 

Young’s attorney admits his client doesn’t have much of a legal claim, but he’s hoping someone will step in to help her find a new place to live or make the repairs, which she cannot afford. 

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Young is scheduled to appear before Orlando’s Code Enforcement Board in January, and the owner of the upstairs condo is scheduled for later this week.

Uber driver accused of kidnapping, attacking 15-year-old girl

An Uber driver in Denver is accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 15-year-old girl trying to get home from work over the weekend, according to KMGH-TV.

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Ahmed Muse was arrested after allegedly refusing to drop the girl at her house and kissing her before finally letting her go, KMGH reported.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office officials said Muse is facing charges of second-degree kidnapping, false imprisonment and harassment.

When Muse picked up the girl at 10 p.m. Saturday, there was another passenger in the car so the girl sat in the front seat. Instead of dropping her off at her home, Muse allegedly bypassed her home to take the other passenger to his destination first, before returning to her house, according to the news station.

The girl told deputies Muse locked the car door, refusing to let her out, and forcibly kissing her, before allowing her to leave.

Uber fired the driver and issued a statement on the incident, KMGH reported.

“What’s been described is deeply troubling and upon learning of it we immediately removed the driver's access to the app," an Uber spokesperson said in a statement to KMGH

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Uber said it would cooperate with law enforcement during the investigation.

Rapper Future fires back at Wendy Williams’ baby mama jokes

Atlanta hip-hop artist Future took to Instagram to respond to TV host Wendy Williams’ comments about his personal life.

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Last Thursday, Williams, host of The Wendy Williams Show, had a few words for the rapper, who was preparing to welcome a child with Joie Chavis.

“Once upon a time there was a man named Future and Future has a lot of baby’s mothers,” Williams said, with photos of all five of mothers of Future’s children projected in the backdrop.

“Where are your condoms?” Williams added.

Future, whose real name is Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, clapped back on Instagram with the caption, “Thank God I’m richer than Wendy Williams.”

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Unfortunately, The Shade Room pointed out that the rapper’s defense may be untrue. Celebrity Net Worth shows Williams’ net worth is $60 million, whereas Future’s net worth totals $30 million.

Walmart begins offering hiring preference to military spouses

Walmart announced Monday it will start giving military spouses a hiring preference.

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There are more than 500,000 active duty military spouses nationwide, according to a company statement. While the U.S. unemployment rate is around 4 percent, the same rate among military spouses is 26 percent, with a 25 percent wage gap compared to their civilian counterparts.

“Military spouses are unsung heroes,” said Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillon. “They serve in partnership with their uniformed spouses, and we want to honor them and help them find a job or build an amazing career.”

The new Military Spouse Career Connection builds on the plans to hire 250,000 military veterans by 2020. So far, Walmart stores nationwide have hired 212,000, according to a company statement.

“Walmart has offered me amazing career opportunities after I completed my military service. I honestly did not know what career direction I was going to take once I came home,” said Ed Gregorek, store manager at a Cleveland Walmart who served 13 years in the Army.

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Candidates must meet hiring criteria. Jobs can be found at at

Malibu wildfires destroy Norman Timbs Special, 30 other rare cars

The deadly wildfires whipping through California have killed more than 30 people and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. Officials are calling the fires the worst in state history.

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Celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus, Martin Sheen, Gerard Butler and others, are not immune to the flames and have lost homes and property alongside average citizens. 

One couple in particular, well-known car enthusiasts and collectors Gary and Diane Cerveny, reportedly lost an irreplaceable collection of classic and rare vehicles worth millions, according to Autoweek. described the couple as “the best kind of car collectors” and called their collection “eclectic.” 

There was a Ferrari Dino, a ’65 Pontiac GTO gasser, a ’66 Dodge Dart, a Marty Robbins NASCAR, a ’66 Dodge Charger, a ’71 Plymouth Barracuda, a ’97 Dodge Viper, a Studebaker kart hauler and perhaps the rarest car in the collection, the one-of-a-kind 1948 Norman Timbs Special.

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The dramatic streamliner was created in the 1940s by mechanical engineer Norman Timbs, according to The elegant, swooping custom car took over three years to build, then eventually disappeared. It was rediscovered in the desert in 2002 and restored.

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The Cervenys kept their collection at a shop in Malibu, which has been ravaged by the wildfires.


Texas pet shelter gets food donations from community 

A Texas animal services company got some paw-sitive news this week, KSAT reported.

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San Antonio Animal Care Services announced last week that it had just nine bags of dog food in its pantry, the television station reported. Since then, the nonprofit group had more than 8,000 pounds of pet food donated within 24 hours, KSAT reported.

The pantry was part of the shelter’s Furst Responders Team, the television station reported. 

"Your donations have allowed our Pet Pantry program to keep running strong and help pets in need," officials wrote in a Facebook post. "Thank you for helping us make a pawsitive difference. Seeing your support encourages our continued commitment to help animals in need."

You can join the Furst Responders team here. People who want to donate pet food and other supplies can check the shelter’s Amazon Wish List.


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